Kim Hands
Chairperson at Stop the Toad Foundation
  • Kim fell in love with The Kimberley the first time she set foot on the red dirt in 2001. She has been working and living throughout the region for the past 13 years for various conservation organizations, but her aim has always been the same – to protect the biodiversity of Australia’s last remaining wilderness.

    Kim joined the Stop the Toad Foundation (STTF) as Strategic Campaign Manager in May 2008. She successfully coordinated the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Great Toad Musters which saw the removal of over 130,000 from the NT/WA border region. She also coordinated the erection of the toad fence for the Emma Gorge Sanctuary project at El Questro Wilderness Park in 2011 and further maintenance on this fence in 2012. Kim left STTF staff in August 2012 and was elected Chair of the Board in November 2012, a position she still holds today.

    Through her work with STTF, Kim was named the Young Conservationist of the Year by the Australian Geographic Society in 2012. Kim was also the Western Australian winner in the environment category for ‘The Pride of Australia Medal’ and placed on the Conservation Council’s Honour Roll in 2012 for her commitment to the conservation of The Kimberley.

    Kim was invited to be part of the Australian Geographic Kimberley Expedition team in 2011. The toad fence erected by STTF at Emma gorge forms an important part of the biodiversity surveys conducted during the expedition and is the first ever attempt at creating a ‘toad-free sanctuary’ for native animals. Kim returned to the Kimberley with the Australian Geographic Society in 2012 and 2013 to help coordinate the expeditions and to represent STTF. It was through this project, that Kim met chief scientists Sean, Colin and Simon, and Project Kimberley was born.

    Kim brings a range of skills, including volunteer management, fundraising, community education and practical knowledge of The Kimberley to the Project Kimberley team. She looks forward to continuing to try and protect her favourite place in the world from the cane toad.