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Project 'Kimberley Ark' gene bank

Date March 2013, 2013


Sean Doody

Colin McHenry

Simon Clulow

'Kimberley Ark' ABC NSW radio

Statewide Afternoons with Chris Coleman

Cane toads are the arch-nemesis of Australian biodiversity.

They have decimated goanna populations across parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight, as the reptiles reach the Northern parts of Western Australia.

If eradication is off the cards, what is the best way to save native Australian animals in these areas? Perhaps it's the Kimberley Ark.

Scientists from around the world have proposed investing in a gene bank to sure up our biodiversity.

Simon Clulow from The University of Newcastle's Amphibian Research Centre is a driving force behind this proposed project.

He spoke with Chris Coleman who began by asking him how quickly the cane toads were making their way into the Kimberley wilderness area...

Original Source: ABC News
By: Sarah Shands
Interview: Audio Source