Project Kimberley Project

Date September 2013, 2013


Ben Beeton

Sean Doody

Colin McHenry

Simon Clulow

Interviews with the Scientist's by Artist Ben Beeton

Introduced by Ben Beeton

Art about ecology, geology and deep time history

Kim Hans

Chairwoman of stop the Toad Foundation/marine

Simon Clulow

Research scientist at University of Newcastle
Concentrating on amphibian biology

Colin McHenry

Lecturer at Monash University.

Marissa Parrott

Reproductive Biologist at Zoos Victoria

Chris Walmsley

PhD Candidate at Monash University

Ryan Ellis

Zoologist research scientist

Matthew Williams

Senior research scientist
Butterfly ecologist and biometrician

Maik Fiedel

Field Research Assistant
Taxonomy of Mantids and Phasmids

Ian Connellan

Australian Geographic